Family History - Biographies

A family history changes to according to one's generation.  For me and my siblings, family history covers our father's Coke-Smyth family and our mother's more diverse grouping which ought to be Clarke, but is probably more thought of as Spenser Wilkinson, her mother's more dominating and energetic lineage.  For my sons, it will be broader, including my wife's Marsh-Kelletts and Wyndhams.  And for my nephews and nieces, it will have a different tapestry again bringing in their father's different ancestry.  Those histories belong to them and I hope that they take an interest and write their bit in time.  Here, I have concentrated on those brought together by my parents. 

The family history files divide between the family tree and biographies, which it is hoped can be built up to cover as many people in the tree as possible.  The initial biography files are: